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Entries are pouring in!

Just as I am accepting the fact that weekends are reserved for family days and not online time (I usually DO NOT get much emails over weekends), contest entries came pouring in! Total entries that came in today is almost as much as what came in from the very first day the contests started!

Keep them coming if you are still trying to get them in. To enocourage you to put in that last picture you forgot to submit and to give you time for that very last line to finish up your story, all entries received by 7am, 1st December 2008 are all eligible.

Judges, get ready!

Do check back on the 15th December to see who got lucky! Or, who’s got the skills!

Until then, Selamat Babywearing and hope you enjoyed the events and activities brought to you by Malaysian Babywearers in conjunction with International Babywearing Week 2008.

~Jess T.


23 Nov 08 – Penang Adventist Hospital

It was great honour to be invited to promote and share information at the Penang Adventist Hospital last Sunday during their Kangaroo Club meeting.

Together with a Breastfeeding Support Group (which I am also attached to), managed to promote two of my passion: Breastfeeding and Babywearing 🙂

The Babywearing part of the gathering started with me introducing babywearing and the different options available…


And, gladly, there was an interest among the participants to pay attention and also walk up to seek more information after the session 😀


We were lucky to have Babywearers, a natural in the type of carrier they were demonstrating, show the participants the different options there is. Tze Shin, MBW team from Penang, was demo-ing the use of a Mei Tai with a Kozy Carrier. We managed to even get an Indonesian helper (sorry I keep forgetting her name) to show us how she usually ties the sarong.tze-shin-helperThen, we had Debz showing off her skills with a Ring Sling and me showing off the wrap (which scared people off, I think!). We did show the pouch, too (of course!) but we just didn’t get a picture on that 😦jess-debz

It was overall an eventful day for us from MBW as we managed to create awareness (Imagine… no one raised their hands when asked if they know what ‘Babywearing’ means… it started with quite a few blank and/or curious looks, really).

And, on our way back… guess what we saw!



Entries are coming in!

It’s starting to get excited now that entrie to the contests are starting to come in this week. We now have entries for each of the contests 🙂

Don’t miss out on the chance to win yourself a carrier! Grab your cameras, put on your thinking cap or get your little ones to start colouring now!

We’re in the Front Cover of the Papers!!!

This is published in the Metro (Northern section) of The Star on the 29th October 2008. We, at MBW, sure are a happy bunch we get this kind of publicity!

~Jess T.

IBW08 celebrations by MBW launched!!

It was a great day at the Little Penang Street Market… 26th October 2008