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Entries are pouring in!

Just as I am accepting the fact that weekends are reserved for family days and not online time (I usually DO NOT get much emails over weekends), contest entries came pouring in! Total entries that came in today is almost as much as what came in from the very first day the contests started!

Keep them coming if you are still trying to get them in. To enocourage you to put in that last picture you forgot to submit and to give you time for that very last line to finish up your story, all entries received by 7am, 1st December 2008 are all eligible.

Judges, get ready!

Do check back on the 15th December to see who got lucky! Or, who’s got the skills!

Until then, Selamat Babywearing and hope you enjoyed the events and activities brought to you by Malaysian Babywearers in conjunction with International Babywearing Week 2008.

~Jess T.


23 Nov 08 – Penang Adventist Hospital

It was great honour to be invited to promote and share information at the Penang Adventist Hospital last Sunday during their Kangaroo Club meeting.

Together with a Breastfeeding Support Group (which I am also attached to), managed to promote two of my passion: Breastfeeding and Babywearing ๐Ÿ™‚

The Babywearing part of the gathering started with me introducing babywearing and the different options available…


And, gladly, there was an interest among the participants to pay attention and also walk up to seek more information after the session ๐Ÿ˜€


We were lucky to have Babywearers, a natural in the type of carrier they were demonstrating, show the participants the different options there is. Tze Shin, MBW team from Penang, was demo-ing the use of a Mei Tai with a Kozy Carrier. We managed to even get an Indonesian helper (sorry I keep forgetting her name) to show us how she usually ties the sarong.tze-shin-helperThen, we had Debz showing off her skills with a Ring Sling and me showing off the wrap (which scared people off, I think!). We did show the pouch, too (of course!) but we just didn’t get a picture on that ๐Ÿ˜ฆjess-debz

It was overall an eventful day for us from MBW as we managed to create awareness (Imagine… no one raised their hands when asked if they know what ‘Babywearing’ means… it started with quite a few blank and/or curious looks, really).

And, on our way back… guess what we saw!



16 Nov 08: IBW08 Walk Penang

Im a bit nervous with ibw walk at qb mall coz I totally forgot the penang marathon bridge run will be held (start/finish) at qb mall as well. Several roads will be closed and sure the parking space would be packed.



But im totally wrong. The road is clear and the parking space is more clear hehehehe. Since anis woke uplate,I manage to go there on 11 am. We promised to meet near coffe bean on 10.30am. when I arrive, all of them are ready to start the walk. Everyone are so โ€˜bersemangatโ€.


We wait for a while for other members to come but after half and hour of chit chatting among us, we decide to start off. We start the walk from coffee bean at north zone towards poslaju at south zone.


While we are walking , sure we got some attention but nobody dare to approach us. Hahahaha. We also not dare to approach people as we dun have any permission to hold any formal gathering in qb mall.


It was a happy moment for us. We discuss about different carriers. We chi chat aout our children being wear. Evethough itโ€™s a sleepy time for this babies (noon), these babies didnโ€™t fussy at all. They being so contented im the sling till they sleepy soundly.. it just the mother who very kepoh with each other. So excited being walking in the group. No more people dare to call us bibik becoz we are not alone.

ย group-photo1

From the poslaju, we take an escaloator to another floor.what a breeze taking an escalator without being worried if the baby would fall from the stroller. That what worries me evrytime I saw a stroller being push down/up towards escalator.



The we walk straight to jusco baby department. To promote babywearing since there would be lots of mother and fathers overthere. so far no response. People are just looking at us with lots of questions on their face but not dare to ask us. We also not dare to entertain them. . hahahaha

ย n1199611422_30211138_9614

From jusco baby department, we go having a lunch at swensons. Very meriah with baby, mommies and daddies. It just a very great time to have this bw awareness walk. We should do this again.



16th Nov 2008: IBW08 Walk, KL

It was a beautiful, sunny day as Babywearers from KL gathered casually for the very first time just to walk around, shop around, have lunch together, catch up and above all, HAVE FUN!

The ‘walk’ was organised by us in conjunction with International Babywearing Week 2008. On this special day, babywearers across the globe joins the fun, sharin the same passion : to promote the love they found in babywearing.

Gathered around a play area located on level 2 of The Curve, we started our walk at around 10.30am, with about 20 babywearers – a much better turn out than the expected 15 that registered with us.

The first targeted area was what was meant to be the most crowded place in The Curve during weekends – The Flea Market – only there was no flea market on that day. Later did we find out that it was due to the settings/work that’s taking place for Christmas decor.

Nevertheless, we managed to to find a great spot for a group photo before we went further:


slumberAnd, introducing the Malaysian Babywearers team from KL…



The MBW Team (KL) in total…from left to right…kl-team

Elly, Farid, Adriana, Jess (and, camera-shy Rayhana)

After the photography session, we headed for Ikea (there’s always a crowd in Ikea :D) through Ikano Power Centre… A group of more than 20 Babywearers (a few joined us after the group picture)…


Mum and Dads… babywearing ๐Ÿ˜€ Busy chatting… busy looking around… busy checking each other’s carriers


As we walk and walk towards Ikea, we are attracting more and more attention. Probably because our grouo was fairly big, no one plucked up the courage to approach us and ask. It’s good news, though when a few passers by who saw us that day managed to find their way to the MBW forum ๐Ÿ˜€


It was only 11.30am but we decided we’ll settle down for early lunch to beat the crowd…

spot-the-babywearersWe could have more photos but right after this, we were told we are not to take photos in the shopping complex. Oops!…. :p

~Jess T.

Babywearing Workshop 15th November 2008

In conjunction with International Babywearing Week 2008, Malaysian Babywearers organised a Babywearing Workshop for the very first time. With effort from the MBW Committee members and our local sponsors, the event was held at Teeny Tiny Tapir, Ampang, KUALA LUMPUR.

More photos on the settings will be uploaded when we get them but the main catch of the day was the cupcakes by our very own Rayhana ๐Ÿ™‚ Yummy to the eyes and tummy, too ๐Ÿ™‚


Registration was limited to 40 people but only about 25 signed up and attended the workshop. Honestly, though, it is already better than what we expect, with a good mix of Malaysians of all races and traditions ๐Ÿ˜€


Hit of the day is probably the three lucky draw sessions where we gave out some sponsored gifts… a MummyHugs pouch, a Littlepods pouch and a mystery gift sponsored by Peekaroobaby. Here, you see Cressa of Teeny Tiny Tapir drawing one of the three draws.

ย lucky-draw

Apart from the Babywearing Show where all sorts of babywearing options are being introduced to the participants, we focused on a few of the more common carriers… namely, the pouch, the ring sling, mei tai, Soft Structured Carriers (SSC) and Simple Pieces Of Cloth (SPOC). With assistance from vendors, professional in their respective fields, details of eachย were shared.


Joanne of Littlepods demoing the pouch


Audrey of The Baby Loft demoing the Ring Sling


Liza of SnuggBaby demoing the Mei Tai


Mohan of Tiny Tapir demoing the Scootababy


Jess demoing Simple Pieces of Cloths

It was a rainy and rather gloomy day but we had great fun organising the event and hope everyone who participated enjoyed it as well ๐Ÿ™‚

To all who attended the Workshop, a BIG THANK YOU for being there to support us. Do let us know how we can do better ๐Ÿ˜‰

~Jess T.

Celebrate Babywearing!

It is International Babywearing Week this week and the last Penang Gathering on Nov 8 was just simply to Celebrate Babywearing!

The feast…


The team… my little one was indeed singing “Happy Birthday” ;p

Sadly, the Penang team was missing Shida on that day ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


It was a fun gathering and above all, it attracted some new participants from the launch of the IBW08 launch at the Little Penang Street Market. And, who is to say, after this gathering, that only Moms would wear their babies?

From the exposure in the papers and media (thanks to his wife putting him on the Babywearing Show), Daddy here is now a pro with the Beco and is all hands-on and glad to show off his skills with it ๐Ÿ˜‰


And, aren’t we glad that a confinement lady and a babysitter made it to our gathering to learn up how they can wear the little ones in their care while they attend to their chores ๐Ÿ˜€


And, me, baby-less, is always trying to grab the opportunity to show off the different ways and methods with someone’s baby ;p Here’s the long-forgotten two-pouch method:



~Jess T.

We are in KwongWah!!

It’s also a front cover!