BW Options

Babywearing might be new to you but it is certainly a traditional practice well worth going back to.

Wearing your baby will make life so much easier. For a start, many of us are able to do our laundry, our dishes, shop ‘til we drop… while wearing our little ones. Babywearing is a lifesaver on the days he was sick and clingy. Babywearing is the best when we needed to explore a new place. You can even breastfeed on the go while wearing your baby…. yes, on the go.

Especially with the kind of news we hear about kidnapped children… you’ll feel much better bringing your little ones out in a carrier… not to mention those occasions when you would prefer your little one to be close to you when you are crossing the roads, attending a crowded fair or event just like this or just browsing through a ‘pasar malam’.

For this peace of mind and closeness with your little ones, we hope you wouldn’t mind being term old-fashioned at all. And, did I tell you a babywearing can be trendy, after all?



The pouch, a simple tube of fabric sewn together, would probably be the easiest and most convenient carrier to carry around.

Being a one shouldered carrier, it is very versatile and will enable one to use it with many possible carrying positions.

Beware though, that accurate sizing is very important for this kind of carrier and getting the wrong size is just not what you want. This very reason also makes a pouch difficult to share among different sized carers.

Ring Sling




If you love the pouch but wish you could share it with someone else, who also cares for your little one, you might want to consider the ring sling.

With just a little more work in learning to thread and to adjust, the ring sling will give you the convenience and versatility of the pouch and also let you adjust it to suit your need.

You will also be able to use the extra fabric (also known as the tail) to cover yourselves when breastfeeding on the go.

Yes, babywearing makes it possible to breastfeed your little one on the go and this is no joke.

With a pair of suitable rings, you will even be able to make your own ring sling – no sewing required.

Mei Tai





With it’s origin from China, the Mei Tai or (‘Meh Tai’), is what the Chinese community would recognise.

You will see that a Mei Tai is simply a small piece of ‘blanket’ attached to four straps that one uses to tie or wear a baby with. Padded or not, a Mei Tai is a two-shouldered carrier that makes it easy for safer back carries to be achieved. Being a two-shouldered carrier also means weight is better distributed, making it possible for comfortable babywearing for older and heavier toddlers. However, there are only limited carrying positions with a Mei Tai, namely the front carry and the back carry.

Soft Structured Carrier


An innovation based on the Mei Tai, a Soft Structured Carrier may seem like what you would see in departmental stores. Look closely and you will see that it does not hold the baby by the crotch – that’s the main difference. Those who love the Mei Tai but find trouble with learning to tie the straps or those who do not like the long Mei Tai straps will opt for a Soft Structured Carrier.



Just a simple, long piece of cloth – this is basically what wraps are.

Probably what is known as the ultimate with total flexibility and versatility, wrapping makes it easy and comfortable for almost any baby of any age, depending on the fabric used. Front carry, back carry, kangaroo carry, almost anything you can imagine, you can do with a wrap. Please note, though, in terms of learning, a wrap is the one that has got the steepest learning curve of all.

Please do not be overwhelmed. To wear your baby successfully, all you need is one carrier and one position that works best for you and your little one. We are introducing the many possibilities here just so you know the options available.


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