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 MBW is the official celebrating organisation in Malaysia for International Babywearing Week 2008!

26th October 2008 – 18th November 2008

Online contests including:
Photo contests
Short story contest
26th October  2008 (Sunday)
Promotion booth at Little Penang Street Market, Upper Penang Road, PENANG
Free entrance
·         Demo on different carriers –  the pros and cons
·         Babywearing Show
·         Info Booth to educate the public on ‘babywearing’
·         Lucky Draw
·         Colouring contest for kids
15th November 2008 (Saturday)
Babywearing Workshop at Teeny Tiny Tapir,  KUALA LUMPUR

RM20 per place redeemable with purchase of carriers on display
Babywearing Show displaying different styles of carriers available in the Malaysian market
Mingling session
Refreshments provided
16th November 2008 (Sunday)
International Babywearing Gathering

Join the rest of the world as babywearers gather to promote babywearing on this special day!
Babywearers will gather and ‘shop’ around designated mall to create public awareness, Participants can opt to have lunch together at the end of the ‘walk’.
Queensbay Mall, PENANG

Stay tuned for more!


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