Penang Babywearing Meet July 2008



July 2008’s Malaysian Babywearers in Penang had our Eyes on Simple Pieces of Cloth.

It was great for us all that Aizura is back from the States, and was able to share with us her carriers and wrapping techniques. We had a huge feast on carriers 😉 Beco, kozy, Girasol, Didymos, Vatanai… just to name a few…

This particular meeting saw more than 25 attendees and more little ones running around than ever.

As the topic was on simple pieces of cloth, we focused on tying that particular piece of cloth… any cloth… one shoulder, two shoulders… wrapping etc. with the main focus on wrapping. For this session, we demo and worked on:

  • Tying one-shoulder selendang/kain batik
  • Front Wrap Cross Carry
  • Front Cross Carry
  • Rucksack Back Carry Tibetan Tie
  • Hip Cross Carry

Go youtub-ing and find your way to the many ways to tie that piece of cloth… Better still, come to our next meeting!

As usual, the meet ended with potluck (yummy yummy) light tea and lots and lots of mingling 😀



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